Let’s take a minute and marinate in the moment of our present hip hop and rap music industry. I’m pretty sure we’re already aware of the array of current popular artists and their trademark music that has progressed over these past few years. However, as fine and dandy as they all are, it seems like the famous Kanye West is receiving all the glitz and glamour, not only music wise, but fashion wise as well.


Back in the day, before the mirage became a reality, West only had hopes and dreams that were set on pursuing a successful music career. After he dropped out of high school, he began creating tasteful rhymes and tracks for Jay Z, one of the industry’s most world renowned rappers and hip hop entrepreneurs. Without a doubt, Kanye bought more flame to the fire. Creating a spectrum of great beats and lyrics only helped him grow larger as a personal brand and with his right hand man, Jay, he was steered into the flashing lights of fame. The spotlight was directed in his way once he released his first album “The College Dropout” in 2002.

Kanye InterviewAs his career took off, innocence vanished from Kanye once he realized the kind of talent he had. As the years progressed, he grew into a magnet for fame and glory, all aspects that surely helped to develop his egotistic mentality. Back in a 2008 during a Tim Westwood interview, Kanye explained how assured he felt about, “going down as a legend, whether or not [people] like [him] or not”. Now, no one has ever made the mistake of confusing Kanye West for the humble type, and that is simply because he believes that he is a larger than life individual. I mean, who can really argue? Let’s not forget, “He is A God”.

One important factor about life is that things are always moving and for Kanye, he’s only headed in one direction and that’s to the top. Beyond Mr. West’s music that has been playing and changing over the years, we’ve also noticed his fashion evolve, drawing attention globally at any hour of the day. He tells the New York Times that, “fashion is too high a skill set. It just needs to be easy… a suit jacket is a suit jacket. A hoodie is a hoodie… it’s not about ‘fashion’, it’s about life and me [Kanye] helping it become more awesome”. Simply said, many can definitely vouch to agree that Kanye West has definitely developed a new phase of fashion.

kanye-west-RLSeeing how Kanye has transfigured himself into such a well-known figure of this new era is truly intriguing, but needless to say, his fashionable edge has definitely promoted his recognition. We look back at young Kanye a few ten or so years back. Even then, a young fashion killer flaunting his simple but chic navy blue Ralph Lauren college style sweater, West still proved to the public that he had levels to his swag; There was enough to share with everyone who laid eyes on him.

Many may sit and ask themselves, what is it about Kanye that is so to die for? Well, I mean let’s be honest, what isn’t to die for when dealing with such a creative genius? Mastering the craft of his music was one admirable trait but being able to sculpt his own high quality fashion while balancing his musical career? Now that’s something to applaud. In a BBC interview, West speaks on behalf of the importance of fashion and how it is an internal talent that he plans to never stop tending to. He speaks on behalf of both of his expertise on fashion and music and how he, “spent 80% of [his] time working on this [fashion] and 20% working on music. Why do you think the song ‘Niggas in Paris’ was called ‘Niggas in Paris’? Because niggas was in Paris”. There’s no doubt that fashion has grown to become a necessary part of Kanye West. Thankfully for him, he was able to share his love for fashion with his newly engaged fiance, Kim Kardashian, the lovely TV star, entrepreneur, and fashion designer.

kk fam photo


After the extravagant proposal, Kanye and Kimmy started their road to success and happiness. After impregnating the fashion heiress with the lovely baby North “Norie” West, Kanye took his first steps into parenthood, drenching his princess in of course, nothing but the finest. I mean, what would you expect from two fashionably iconic parents?

It is obvious that Kanye West has definitely stretched both the music and fashion industry into a combustive masterpiece. Standing as a genius in the studio and master in the dressing room, Kanye has conquered the game. We’ve got to give the man props – becoming the best of friends with Rap Hero Jay Z, having a number of best-selling albums and number one songs, marrying the gorgeous fashionista Kim Kardashian, father of the precious North West, and on top of it all, producing his own clothing line?! Yeah, West is definitely a miracle worker in the flesh.

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