Let us take a minute and marinate in the moment of our present rap music industry. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re already aware of Lil Wayne, Jay Z, and Fabolous. Hell, due to popular demand and interest, we wouldn’t dare leave out our new favorite Barbie, Nicki Minaj. Though, as fine and dandy as they all are, it seems like Kanye West is receiving all the glamour, not only music wise, but fashion wise as well.


kanye west

Beyond Mr. West’s music that has been playing and changing over the years, we’ve also noticed his fashion evolve, drawing attention globally at any hour of the day. He tells the New York Times that, “fashion is too high a skill set. It just needs to be easy… a suit jacket is a suit jacket. A hoodie is a hoodie… it’s not about ‘fashion’, it’s about life and me [Kanye] helping it become more awesome”. Simply said, we can definitely vouch to agree that Kanye West Has definitely developed a new phase of fashion, making the tabloids a bit sweeter than it would never have been without him.


kanye-west-RLSeeing how Kanye has transfigured himself into such a well-known figure of this new era is truly intriguing, but needless to say, his fashionable edge has definitely pushed him further up top. We look back at young Kanye a few ten or so years back. Even then, a young fashion killer flaunting his simple but chich navy blue Ralph Lauren college style sweater, West still proved to the public that he had enough swag to share with everyone who laid eyes on him.

With hopes and dreams set on pursuing a successful music career, west dropped out of high school and began creating tasteful rhymes and tracks for Jay Z. Without a doubt, he brought more flame to the fire. Creating a spectrum of great beats and lyrics only helped him grow larger as a personal brand. the spotlight was directed in his way once he released his first album “The College Dropout” in 2002.

As one would expect, Kanye took the art of rap music as his backbone and fashion as his wife, literally. He extravagantly proposed to fashion gem Kim Kardashian and together the power couple effortlessly surprised the paparazzi and fans with something else to melt over.

EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shopping in New York City