This profile essay about famous acting star, Johnny Depp, written by Sean Smith definitely captures a lot about the unlikely stardom that was to follow. Unlike most celebrity interviews that choose to highlight and capture the bigger picture moments, Smith chose to focus even on the slightest influences that have played a role in constructing the kind of person that Johnny Depp is today. For instance, Depp informs Smith on how important and influential the birth of his daughter had become in his life, simply because, “it was like a veil being lifted”(Smith). This coming from a, “bizarre, hilarious, unsettling – even annoying”(Smith) Depp really proves to show fans and other perceivers that Depp is more than what the tabloids construct him to be.

Personality is such a key aspect that is valued in life and in Smith’s profile essay on Johnny Depp, he definitely gives his credentials toward Depp’s personality. He explains how personality has gotten Depp so far in his career and how it has molded Depp into an icon that even he didn’t anticipate to become. Comparing his talents to those of Will Smith or Julia Roberts, Smith explains that, “the force of their personalities swamps everything else. They’re more than just actors. They’re brands”(Smith). Being complemented and compared to such a degree really helps to expand the kind of talent that Depp can truthfully offer in his prospering acting career. The interview that Smith had with Johnny Depp really helped to shine a light of uniqueness toward how Depp participated in his day to day to life, giving readers a sense of who the real Johnny Depp was.