Being able to use words to describe or explain ourselves is a gift in itself.Using different forms of expression such as art or writing is a unique way to portray your ideas visually to others. With writing specifically, you’re capable of creating a more detailed idea of your personal perspective. Over the past few weeks of writing blogs in this class, I was able to notice a transformation in the complexity of my writing while notifying my ability to more clearly clarify my point of view. Reading a range of different pieces by different authors helped not only to enhance my vocabulary, but it also gave me ideas upon how to approach writing different forms of papers. I myself enjoy writing in my spare time, so I did in fact enjoy formulating my own input through these blog posts. It was a way for me to creatively express my own personal ideas on the specific topic. Rereading my work from last month in comparison to my work now is interesting because I am actually reflecting off of the work that at one point I thought was good enough. An individuals writing can always be better, and these blog posts really helped me to understand that. I notice that, even before I begin to write, I try my best to clearly understand a piece and all of the possible themes that could be in it. Doing so allows me the opportunity to have a clear standpoint on my blog’s main focus and helps to keep my writing on a steady track.